Small Animal Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation

Ellis Wall BSc (Hons) Msc DipAnPhys MIAAT MVOA FFCP

Fear Free


We provide Fear Free® treatment and care for your pet - reducing fear, anxiety and stress.

We offer free of charge Victory Visits to help our patients feel at ease before staring their rehab journey.

Ellis is certified as an Elite Fear Free Professional.

Tailored rehab plans

Each patient receives individually designed treatment plans to ensure optimum progress, with regular reassessments to check that we are on track

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all sessions are completely choice-led


treatment options

Class IV Laser Therapy

Fast-acting, non-invasive treatment for a variety of conditions including osteoarthritis, post-surgery, IVDD and wounds


Manual therapies, therapeutic exercises, home rehab plans - using positive reinforcements (i.e. lots of treats!)

Stance Analysis

Accurate measurements of your pet’s weight-bearing, identifying lameness or dysfunction, allowing regular monitoring of progress

Pain Assessments

We work closely with behaviourists to identify signs of pain that may be contributing to behavioural patterns


Pet Insurance

Most pet insurance policies cover our services; please check your policy wording or contact us!


Initial 90 mins Consultation - £115

Follow Up 60 mins - £60

Follow Up 30 mins - £40

Stance Analysis - £20

Veterinary Referral

We work on veterinary referral in order to provide the best care for your pet; we can organise this directly or you can find our referral form here

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Why does my pet need physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy can help animals with a variety of conditions. Animals that have recently had orthopaedic surgery or neurosurgery can benefit greatly from physiotherapy treatment. It can help with keeping older pets comfortable and mobile and also aid conditioning for more active, sporting dogs.


Asked questions

My pet hasn’t had surgery; can they still have physiotherapy?

Absolutely! Physiotherapy is great for post-operative conditions, osteoarthritis, sports conditioning, preventative therapy and generally keeping your pet comfortable and happy.

How long do appointments last?

Initial appointments range from 60-90 minutes, depending on your pet and their condition. Initial appointments are longer to allow your pet to get used to their new surroundings and their new therapist. Follow up sessions can range from 30-60 minutes. Appointments may involve a combination of laser therapy, massage therapy and therapeutic exercises.

How many appointments will my pet need?

This will completely depend on your pet and their condition. Your therapist will discuss a treatment plan for your pet, and develop a home exercise plan for you and your pet. They will also discuss relevant treatment goals and timeframes with you. Sticking to your pet’s rehabilitation plan will help with speeding up their recovery or progress!

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