Alfie, August 2020

“Ellis has been treating my 8yr old cat Alfie at home using laser therapy for his arthritis. Have seen a big improvement in his demeanour in general and he is now running around and playing more. Plus he’s started to jump up fences etc again so I think its relieved a lot of associated pain & inflammation for him. Really pleased with his progress so far and Ellis is so calming and gentle with him. Thanks Ellis!!”

Freya, August 2020

“Ellis at Four Paws Fitness is everything your poorly fur baby could wish for. She has been treating my puppy (now 1 yo) since her post-op days in March. With Ellis’ love, excellent treatment, care and support Freya is a bouncy strong girl having been a weak and poorly soul. As Freya’s condition is incurable Freya is likely to be a patient for a very long time but Ellis enables her to feel more comfortable and as she loves Ellis so much she is a happy girl! Ellis is now also treating my 13 yo too who is struggling with old joints. Again her calm, professional approach has put him at his ease and she is working wonders on him too. I recommend Ellis without reserve!”

Minnie, August 2020

“After just 4 sessions of therapy our little Minnie is able to walk again. Thank you so much for the care and dedication shown towards our doggy. Words are not enough to express how grateful we are.”

Missie, July 2020

“Our little Missie had an accident charging into the garden just before Christmas, she slipped and ended up with a spinal compression from a disc which left her paralysed. After surgery, rest and hydrotherapy we contacted Ellis to continue her therapy at home using laser therapy and physio. Ellis is professional, knowledgable and Missie adores her. The recovery she has made is nothing short of a miracle. Thank you Ellis.”

Dakota, July 2020

“It’s taken me far too long to write this review, but Ellis is a GOD SEND. Dakota has partial rear paralysis (originally completely paralysed) and we’ve had five sessions with Ellis (laser, massage and physio) and Dakota has already improved tenfold! A bonus? Dakota ADORES Ellis! I was initially worried as Dakota is reactive given how vulnerable she feels with her condition… But it was love at first sight! Ellis is incredible with her, and so knowledgeable and has helped Dakota, and me, so much! I would 10000% recommend her to anyone and everyone!”

Miloh, May 2020

“Miloh is a new dog altogether. Despite having his regular treatment stop during lockdown period, we restarted last week and he is running, playfully and much happier. After all these years of hydrotherapy, physio etc, this is the one that has really made a massive difference to his health. I would recommend working with Ellis to any Frenchie with spinal issues, my dog is just a new, happier and healthier dog and I am so grateful and happy.”

Acko, May 2020

“When Ellis first came to see Acko he couldn’t lift his back legs and had been stuck in the same spot lying down for 26 hours, he was very stressed. Ellis knew just what to do and in less than an hour had him back on his paws and moving again! After only two weeks of laser therapy he is moving even better than before and his posture has improved too. Ellis has been brilliant with us the whole way through, very professional and caring, always with a smile and explains everything so clearly, I would recommend her to anyone, she has been absolutely fantastic.”

Fizzy, April 2020

“We have been taking Fizzy our Cockapoo to Ellis for a few months now and she has been fantastic. Great knowledge, help and guidance have all be very good and professional. Fizzy loves going to see her for a poorly muscle!! We wouldn’t use anybody else. Try her! 5*****”

Varg, February 2020

“Very friendly, relaxing you and your dog, explained everything that was happening, highly appreciated and definitely highly recommended.”

Lucky, January 2020

“We absolutely recommend Four Paws Fitness to everyone. Ellis is a professional and a caring physiotherapist. Just over four weeks ago our lovely little Lucky’s spine herniated, losing her bladder, bowel and back leg function. Her future didn’t look good but we opted to use laser therapy treatment for any signs of improvement. Lucky has responded amazingly to this therapy and to Ellis, as her bladder and bowel function has returned and is beginning the first stages of moving her legs again. Ellis has a magic touch and Lucky is very relaxed receiving treatment and enjoys these sessions. Lucky’s older sister Milly has given the gold seal of approval to Ellis too.”

Sasha, August 2019

“Sasha has now completed 7 laser sessions and her movement is so much better – she has also stopped medication which is great. She is 11 now and so much more pain free; I would highly recommend this treatment and Ellis is so caring and sweet she enjoys seeing her.”